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Risk Assessment

Environmental, Health & Safety Program Audits

We perform in-depth auditing on your current EHS program to identify deficiencies and areas of opportunity for improvement. We will provide you with a thorough report for recommended strategies and help you prioritize how improvements can be approached.

Hiring Client Audits

We will prepare you for important Hiring Client audits and safety program review meetings. We will also accompany you to the meeting to speak to the changes your company will be making/has made to improve your overall program. We will also assist in completing items from the corrective action plan and communicating updates with your Hiring Client.

DOT Program Audits

We will evaluate your company's safety performance and confirm proper and complete recordkeeping. We will also determine if your company has adequate management controls in place to ensure FMCSR compliance. Inspection categories include:

  • General DOT Info

  • Driver Qualification

  • Operational

  • Vehicle Requirements

  • Hazardous Materials

  • Accidents