New Account Setup

New accounts can sometimes have over 300 questions in the Questionnaire section, this can be tedious and time consuming. Our experienced team knows how to navigate all platforms efficiently to ensure your new account is active, ensuring your company is in good standing and ready to work.

Continual Monitoring of All Accounts

We do not wait for an insurance document or training certifications to expire before you are notified. Our team of Specialists monitor your accounts throughout each week to ensure outstanding action items are addressed immediately.

Company-Specific Safety Programs

Custom safety programs developed just for your company to reflect OSHA regulatory compliance and your company’s best practices, scope of work, and company policy on each topic.

We deal directly with your insurance company to obtain updated policies and communicate deficiencies to your agent, allowing you more time to focus on your business.

Insurance Document Submittal

We input data on time to ensure 100% compliance.

Monthly/ Quarterly Statistics

We track your hours and incidents throughout the year and complete and submit your company’s OSHA 300 forms annually.

OSHA 300 Log

Our team of Contractor Compliance Specialists are local and call the Bakken home. We are always just a phone call or email away for your convenience. We can come to your office or you can meet at our Williston office for the initial account setup, or for monthly touch-bases.

Local and Experienced

Communication is key. For new account setups, your Specialist will send you an email update of all progress and account status each week. After your account is set up and you are performing work for the hiring client(s), we will email you at least once a month for an update on your account(s) status. We recognize your time is valuable, so we will not email you unnecessarily, but we are always here for you should you have any questions or concerns.

Regular Feedback

We are in the business of building relationships with our clients. In addition to data entry and 100% compliance for your accounts, we strive to build lasting relationships with our clients and know that offering a fair price for our services is the best way to do that. We offer the only Best Price Guarantee in the Bakken.

Best Price Guarantee