Going beyond compliance

We offer a variety of consulting services to Bakken contractors. From start to finish, we can assist with developing a mature and effective EHS program that can:

  • Reduce worker injury/illness/exposure

  • Improve TRIR

  • Strengthen your company’s safety culture

  • Improve the chances of getting hired

Our 3-Step approach ensures your company exceeds basic compliance standards


Professional Auditing Services

The first step towards compliance

Risk Assessment

Precision Safety Professionals can conduct a series of audits to identify deficiencies and assess risks in your current program and processes.

safety program web image.PNG

Safety Program Development

Building a strong foundation

Strategic Innovation

After deficiencies are identified, we can begin to customize your EHS program and prioritize the phases for integrating new changes.


Safety Meetings

Exceeding compliance standards


Our OSHA-Authorized Outreach Instructors have extensive experience working with multiple contractors in the Bakken to provide thorough, company-relevant EHS training topics. We will help you not only meet, but exceed compliance standards for OSHA, DOT, PHMSA, State, and Hiring Client training requirements. We will also communicate the new EHS program changes to your employees through the company-wide meetings.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to take the first step in ensuring your company’s training requirements and EHS program are compliant with OSHA and Hiring Client standards.