Optimizing EHS Program Innovations

We will train and coach your employees on the new improvements made to your EHS program, ensuring you are optimizing your investment.

Monthly Safety Meetings

Precision Safety Professionals will develop a specific training plan for your company based on the scope of work your business performs. We ensure you are 100% compliant with OSHA’s training requirements and Hiring Client requirements.

Our Consultants can conduct the meetings at your facility, or our training facility in the heart of Williston.

Quarterly Safety Meetings

Conducting quarterly safety meetings allows instructors to dedicate more time on topics that need more attention compared to basic awareness-level topics. Quarterly meetings are also ideal for delivering company specific information such as, safety alerts, near misses, changes to processes or procedures within your company.

Company-Specific Training

We can develop training modules to meet your company’s specific needs. New hire orientations, safety alert training and company stand-down topics are some examples of how we can accommodate your needs.